Proposed parking changes for Norfolk Crescent could lead to more traffic

It is proposed to change this single yellow line to a double yellow

The Council is proposing to change the existing “single yellow” outside Raynham on Norfolk Crescent into a “double yellow”. This will remove the current option of parking overnight and on a Sunday on that stretch of road.

The council intends to do this as a result of concerns from residents of congestion after 6.30pm and weekends, when cars are parked on both sides of the road and traffic is trying to travel in both directions.

HyPER says: we empathise with the reasons for this change. However, without consummate action to reduce traffic, we think that it will effectively widen the road for cars and increase rat running. This directly undermines the Council’s stated strategy of wanting to cut down on through-traffic.

It also shows how any measures to “discourage” rat-running (rather than blocking it) have their own problems: if this existing narrow road is already causing enough problems to require it to be widened, it suggests that any future ideas to narrow roads will only cause lots more congestion and danger, and might not be the silver bullet solution to our traffic problems.

Comments on the proposal can be made by emailing tmo.westminster@wsp.com quoting reference 7716/ZC, by 27th July 2022.