Take part in HyPER’s award-winning initiative to reduce air pollution

Would you like to see air quality improve for ourselves and the next generation?

Then help us locate an air sensor, the first step of the project.

An example air pollution monitor, to be installed in Connaught Village

Having won a recent competition for an air pollution monitor, we now need your help to decide exactly where to site it.

HyPER is now a member of the Breathe London Network that monitors air pollution at a local level throughout London. The aim is to measure airborne pollutants and store this data centrally with Imperial College for use in City Pollution management. Please see our air pollution webpage for more information about its effects on our health.

Everyone is able to see real-time graphs showing pollution levels throughout the year at all locations in London. Just go to https://www.breathelondon.org/ and zoom into the area of interest. Such data can influence traffic management projects and local community initiatives.

Choosing a location

HyPER, in conjunction with Breathe London, has decided that the general area for the first sensor should be in Connaught Village, and we need your help to decide its exact location.

The 3 options are as follows:

  1. Albion / Connaught Street junction Lamppost (Red arrow)
  2. Hoggs Chemist lamppost (Green arrow)
  3. Kendal Street / Porchester Place junction (Blue arrow)

We need residents input in voting for any of the three of these Connaught Village locations as well as any other comments.

Vote now!

Where should the Connaught Village pollution sensor be?

Login to HyPER - Hyde Park Estate Residents

You will need to login in order to vote. If you have any difficulties voting then please email your vote to info@hyper.uk.

Locating a sensor

Locating a sensor needs to satisfy practical criteria such as:

  • Power source (lamppost mains), or if solar, Sun aspect ratios etc
  • Hot spot must be free of pollutant noise e.g. near extractor fan or smoking area/visible/busy area to avoid vandalism
  • Maximised sampling density e.g. cross roads, rather than quiet side street
  • Not too close to Edgware Road, as metric for that area already exist (avoid duplication)
  • Near stakeholders i.e. residents, visitors, shops, schools. They are the victims of pollution.
  • More information at https://www.breathelondon.org/location-installation

Possible second location

Red: primary location, green: possible second location

The red star shows the location of the first sensor, with the exactly location being decided by members’ votes. We would also like to consider a second sensor, subject to HyPER finding residents and businesses that would like to donate for this. Information on the sensor and cost see https://estore.imperial.ac.uk/product-catalogue/faculty-of-medicine/school-of-public-health/breathe-london-node.

Potential second location:

If you want to know more about the Breathe London Communities then please follow this link https://www.breathelondon.org/community-groups.