Waste Action Squad in Hyde Park Estate this week

The Waste Action Squad is a multi-agency team working with the community to identify effective solutions to address dumping hotspots through a trial programme, across Westminster. This week they are focussing on hotspots around the Edgware Road and Hyde Park ward area.

The key objectives for the team are:

  • To provide a highly visible operation that shows this is an area of focus and that we are acting against persistent problems
  • To engage residents in a meaningful conversation about waste problems in their neighbourhood. To gather insight into how these could be tackled together and educate on the best ways of disposing of their waste to keep their streets clean and tidy
  • To create an action plan following the engagement to tackle these issues

The timeline for the team’s visit this week in the Hyde Park Estate is below. Please pop by and speak to the team.

Monday 10th October10am-12pmConnaught Street junction with Titchborne Row
Monday 10th October3pm-4pmPorchester Place junction with Connaught Street
Tuesday 11th October10am-12pmBurwood Place junction with Edgware Road Junction
Tuesday 11th October3pm-4pmBig Black Bin Site- Park West Place
Wednesday 12th October10am-12pmNorfolk Square Gardens
Wednesday 12th October3pm-4pmBig Black Bin Site- Star Street junction with Sale Place
Thursday 13th October10am-12pmSussex Gardens junction with Edgware Road
Thursday 13th October3pm-4pmTransept Street junction with Chapel Street
Friday 14th October10am-12pmBathurst Street junction with Westbourne Street
Friday 14th October3pm-4pmConnaught Square junction with Stanhope Place