Action grid

This page contains the action grid from HyPER’s “Have Your Say” meetings on Monday 3rd October and Thursday 26th November.

26th November 2022Contact Church Commissioners about CCTV not working on their propertiesCllr DimoldenbergOpenIt was stated by a meeting attendee that some CCTV cameras on Church Commissioners’ property is not working.
26th November 2022Action on dog mess and rubbish on Albion StreetCllr ChowdhuryCompletedCllr Chowdhury visited concerned resident, resulting in the installation of a “do not dump“ and ”clean up after your dog” signs on Albion Stret. No further concerns have been received.
26th November 2022Residents to join Hyde Park Paddington Neighbourhood ForumResidentsOngoingThe Neighbourhood Forum can influence the types of businesses located in the area through the creation of a local plan. Join on the Forum’s website. The next meeting is December 12th at the Victory Services Club.
26th November 2022Add details to website on how to report parking offenceAndy BeverleyCompletedInformation added to the HyPER website Council help page. Direct link is https://www.westminster.gov.uk/report-it/illegally-parked-vehicles
26th November 2022Set up meeting to discuss solutions to traffic issuesHyPEROpenA clear majority at the meeting showed demand for a separate meeting to discuss possible actions to traffic problems
20th October 2022Rectify lights north side Connaught SquareWCCCompletedThe council say: “the lights have been repaired, a faulty fuse was replaced which fed the lamp columns.”
3rd October 2022Meeting minutes posted on HyPER websiteAndy BeverleyCompletedLocated on this page
3rd October 2022Police numbers posted on HyPER websiteAndy BeverleyCompletedSee link at https://hyper.uk/police-and-crime/
3rd October 2022Residents to call in and report incidentsResidentsOngoingSee link at https://hyper.uk/police-and-crime/
3rd October 2022Planning application for alarm systems and CCTV camerasResidentsOngoingBy request of our councillors, advice has been received from the council’s planning officers regarding the installation of security equipment and published on the HyPER website. Residents should now pursue their own individual planning applications.
3rd October 2022Employ private security in Connaught SquareResidentsOngoingSabine Taal has volunteered to coordinate – please contact her through HyPER using info@hyper.uk
3rd October 2022Resolve the row between the Council and the Met on CCTV camerasCllr DimoldenbergOngoingCllr Dimoldenberg briefed attendees of November 24th’s meeting that it is unlikely that the funding issue will be resolved. With both the police and the council under increased funding pressures, any money would need to come from the cut of an alternative activity.
3rd October 2022Plain clothes police in Portsea MewsSgt NoonOngoingSgt Noon briefed November 24th’s meeting that “Autumn nights” has now started which includes changes to late patrolling shifts. Portsea Mews has been a focal point for their patrols and they have recently caught 3 people with drugs. Patrols are taking place daily on every shift.
3rd October 2022Install gate in Portsea MewsChurch CommissionersOngoingWe are working with the Church Commissioners and our Ward Councillors to tackle the ASB and looking at the various options that might help, including installing a temporary hoarding.
3rd October 2022Speed tables on Connaught SquareCllr DimoldenbergOngoingRequired on the junction with Connaught Street, NE corner; three on east side; one in SW corner.
A meeting with highways officers has taken place and dangerous areas around the Estate are being considered with possible solutions, including a potential zebra crossing on Hyde Park Crescent. These will take time to design and fund and the work is ongoing.
3rd October 2022Car wash in Portsea PlaceCllr DimoldenbergOngoingResponse from Council: “there is no specific legislation that governs car washes, so unless there is a specific concern about a specific activity happening, there is not much that can be done”. Police say “there are issues in some car wash businesses, but Kendall Street isn’t on the officers radar for any specific reason.”
Further update: possible visits to take place by immigration officials and Environmental Health.
3rd October 2022Brothel at 15 Portsea PlaceSgt NoonOngoing24th November update: will be patrolled over the coming weeks. Difficult to carry out prosecutions. Volunteer required to form protest group.
3rd October 2022Out of hours parking enforcement (thanks to SEBRA for suggestion)Cllr DimoldenbergCompletedSuccessful enforcement completed resulting in 22 fines issued. From the council: “We have additional visits from NSL (parking contractors) set up now so that they will make three visits per night every night to the streets mentioned below to check resident Permit bays. We will review after a week based on compliance to see how this needs to be adjusted.”
Update 24th November: many more tickets have been issued in Connaught Square, Norfolk Crescent and Portsea Place. Request to also add Albion Street and Sussex Square to patrol areas. Residents report some success in making area quieter and less “edgy”.
3rd October 2022Ongoing communication with residentsHyPEROngoingEngage as many residents as possible with ongoing information