Pop Up Plants: Help us green the estate

Ideas for greening – Strathearn Place

HyPER Pop Up Plants is an initiative set up by members of HyPER on the Hyde Park Estate. We are looking to turn pockets of the local area into community flower beds and gardens. We want to enhance the public space for both residents and visitors, making green spaces to walk through and spend time at. Read more details in our vision document. The project aims to contribute to the local area in many ways, including:

  • The upkeep of the plants will be managed by local people, providing a community activity for residents to get to know each other
  • The plants and trees will be chosen to be effective air pollutant absorbers
  • The spaces will be truly public; in contrast to the many local gated squares, they will provide an outside place, which is accessible to everyone
  • Planting on the edge of roads is proven to reduce vehicle speeds by the ‘edge effect’; the plants affect the driver’s perception of lane width, prompting them to go slower
  • The spaces will bring opportunities for insect hotels and bird boxes
  • Possibilities to involve local schools and businesses in the planting and maintenance
An example of a similar initiative in Chiswick


We currently have one location identified for a pop up garden (Bathurst Street) and are looking for one more location at this initial stage. See our vision document for some ideas. Do you have an idea for a location near you? Please let us know by emailing gardens@hyper.uk.

How it works


In liaison with Westminster Council and other local stakeholders such as the Church Commissioners, proposals and designs for gardens will be put forward for initial discussion and subsequent implementation. We will be undertaking a small scale pilot first, with one or two small sites on the Estate.


Residents will be responsible for looking after each garden. Each plot will be assigned to specific people, who will ensure the plants and space are appropriately cared for. The scheme will be supervised by HyPER. Materials and tools will be kept on existing private sites. We have one confirmed location for storing tools and materials, and will be looking for more across the area.


Our ward councillors have kindly agreed to contribute to the initial construction costs from the Hyde Park Ward Budget. After initial construction, the maintenance will be funded by community sponsorship from residents and businesses.

We need you!

We’d like as many residents and businesses to be involved in this project. Involvement can be anything from undertaking the occasional stint of gardening to providing continued sponsorship of a patch. Please email us to get involved: gardens@hyper.uk.

An idea for Bathurst Street?