Halima Nałęcz – Kaleidoscope: A Celebration of Colour

A temporary art gallery opens this week in celebration of a prominent local artist. Halima Nalęcz arrived in England in 1947 and became a prominent part of the London art scene of the 1960s and worked for more than 40 years as a promoter of new and emerging artists. During this time, she helped to jump-start many high-profile careers and became an accomplished artist herself. The exhibition, “Kaleidoscope: A Celebration of Colour”, is a modern-day recreation of the Drian gallery and opens this Thursday 9th September at 14 Porchester Place.

Horseplay on Hyde Park Estate

Hyde Park Estate had some highly unusual quadruped visitors yesterday in the form of two American Miniature therapy horses, Digby and Mr P, who came with their handlers, Katy Smith and Vicky Bentley Johnson. They were celebrity guests at an event in Bathurst Mews where they met Effie (pictured) who was shy with the horses at first, but who grew in confidence to the point where she was gleefully leading them up and down the mews. “It was our first visit to London since the pandemic”, said Katy, “and we’re thrilled to be getting back up and running.”Continue reading “Horseplay on Hyde Park Estate”

20mph speed limit consultation

Transport for London has published a consultation for changing the speed limit to 20mph on roads that they control in the local area. These include Park Lane, Marylebone Road, Grosvenor Place and parts of Edgware Road amongst others. This would bring these roads into line with all other roads within Westminster, which already have a limit of 20mph. See the full map of the proposed changes. Further details and the ability to comment on the proposals are available on the TfL website. The consultation is open until 18th August 2021, with the new speed limits proposed to beContinue reading “20mph speed limit consultation”

HyPER features on the BBC

Listen to a special episode of Tales from Tyburnia. In it, Chris Gunness was interviewed by Jo Good on BBC London, about the joys of Bathurst Mews, our excellent local businesses, the superb work of HyPER and the delights of living with horses.

News from Connaught Village

Read the latest news from Connaught Village, including new openings as well as temporary uses for shops that are currently not being used.

Next episode of Tales from Tyburnia released

Listen to the latest episode of Tales from Tyburnia. In it, Joe Porter, the Station Interface Manager at Paddington Station, reveals some of the day-to-day dramas at one of Britain’s great Victorian institutions and looks ahead to where Paddington is going in the twenty first century, as Crossrail and the completion of the redevelopment of the concourse loom.

Next episode of Tales from Tyburnia released

Listen to the latest episode of Tales from Tyburnia. In it, Tony Heywood, former head gardener for the Church Commissioners on the Hyde Park Estate sets out a vision for the responsible use of gardens and squares on the estate, and introduces us to the ‘conceptual gardens’ he creates with his wife and collaborator, Alison Condie.

Redevelopment of Garfield House

The Portman Estate has recently announced intentions to redevelop Garfield House and Bernard House. These are 2 of the buildings on the east side of Edgware Road between George Street and Upper Berkeley Street, currently the location of Tesco and Costa Coffee amongst others. The proposals are in a very early stage, with the Portman Estate currently conducting initial stakeholder engagement. As such there are no firm plans for what the redevelopment will look like, although there is an initial intention to retain retail on the Edgware Road side, with the George Street side probably containing an accessContinue reading “Redevelopment of Garfield House”

Tales from Tyburnia logo

Introducing Tales from Tyburnia

One of our first initiatives has been to create a series of podcasts interviewing local people with a story tell. The podcasts focus on both the past and the present. What did the Hyde Park Estate used to be like and how can we engender a sense of community for the future? See the series on the Tales from Tyburnia page.

Welcome to HyPER

Welcome to the new HyPER website. We’ll be adding content over the coming weeks. We hope this will be a useful source of information for everyone in the community, so let us know if there is anything else you would like to see added.


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