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Looking after where we live

A friendly, positive group for residents of the Hyde Park Estate in London W2

Encouraging the creation of safe and beautiful spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy

Supporting local businesses to thrive


HyPER works with all residents to create a sense of community in the Hyde Park Estate, based on the principles of respect, inclusivity and good citizenship. Membership is free and open to all residents of the Estate. We co-ordinate our activities with Westminster Council, the Paddington Neighbourhood Forum, Business Improvement Districts including local businesses and the Church Commissioners, in order to make our neighbourhood a cleaner, greener, healthier and safer place. We will work to reduce through-traffic, create more pedestrian spaces such as piazzas, and enrich the neighbourhood with family-friendly events.

latest news

  • HyPER wins prestigious environmental honour
    An example Breathe London node, which HyPER has won for installation in the Hyde Park Estate We are pleased to announce that HyPER has been chosen by the
  • Minutes from “Have Your Say” 24th November
    HyPER’s Have Your Say event on Thursday 24th November was another well-attended and fast-paced event. The meeting followed-on from October’s crime
  • Winter preparations in Westminster
    Photo © Stephen Richards (cc-by-sa/2.0) With snow predicted over the coming days, the Council has provided HyPER with the winter service briefing. In summary,
  • HyPER Remembers
    To mark Remembrance Day, Esme Daley representing HyPER attended the ceremony in Lancaster Gate presided over by Westminster Council’s Lord Mayor (Hamza

our initiatives


Celebrate village life and engender community spirit

We are running a series of Pop Up Parties around the Hyde Park Estate. These are small events on the first Saturday of every month, hosted by different shops in the village. During each event you have the opportunity to meet fellow residents from the retail sector,  learn about their craft and sample their products.


Help improve EV charging facilities

HyPER’s vision is for a cleaner and greener neighbourhood – a shared value we can all agree on regardless of whether you own a car or not.

Over time we can anticipate that a larger number of resident car owners are going to switch to electric vehicles as we near the 2030 deadline banning the sale of new combustion-engine cars. The Hyde Park Estate needs a good network of EV charging points for residents.

Westminster Council has made some good initial inroads installing a number of charging points around the Estate. HyPER is providing community input to help build on this further so that any resident can use electric power instead of petrol or diesel for their vehicle.


Creating vibrant, pedestrian spaces for all to enjoy

HyPER Pop Up Plants is an initiative set up by members of HyPER on the Hyde Park Estate. We are looking to turn pockets of the local area into community flower beds and gardens. We want to enhance the public space for both residents and visitors, making green spaces to walk through and spend time at.


Local history from local people

If you want to hear about local history from local people, then this is the podcast for you.

Tales from Tyburnia is a community history podcast in which host, Chris Gunness, chats to people on the Hyde Park Estate about their experiences of living here.

What brought them here and how do they contribute to building a sense of community? Tune in and discover the local historian within you!