Police and crime

Contact details and reporting incidents

There are a number of ways to report crime and to contact the police, depending on the situation.


In the event of an emergency, a threat to life, you believe you could come to harm, an incident where the suspects are still on scene, drug dealing, any acts of violence, fighting in the streets, domestic arguments in the street and so on call 999.


If you have an ongoing neighbour dispute; you would like to report suspicious activity you’ve seen in your area recently or to report anything else that is not an emergency use one of the following methods:

Email our ward police

The email address for the Hyde Park Ward police team is AWMailbox.SNTCWHydePark@met.police.uk. This is their group email address, but it must be stressed that this is not monitored when the team are off-duty and it should not be used to report crimes or incidents that are happening in real-time. The email address is suitable for passing information to the team, for example: photos of a vehicle registration you’ve seen drug-dealing, persons who have been looking into cars, or scoping out properties, and anything of interest that you believe could be passed on!

Safer Neighbourhoods Team

Details of the Hyde Park Ward Safer Neighbourhoods Team can be found on the Metropolitan Police website. This is the team that is responsible for day-to-day policing matters on the estate. Emergency incidents are dealt with by separate reactionary teams.

Rough sleepers

If you are aware of any rough sleepers, you can use StreetLink to report, help and support these people.