EV charging on the Hyde Park Estate


HyPER’s vision is for a cleaner and greener neighbourhood – a shared value we can all agree on regardless of whether you own a car or not.

Over time we can anticipate that a larger number of resident car owners are going to switch to electric vehicles as we near the 2030 deadline banning the sale of new combustion-engine cars. The Hyde Park Estate needs a good network of EV charging points for residents.

Westminster Council has made some good initial inroads installing a number of charging points around the Estate. HyPER is providing community input to help build on this further so that any resident can use electric power instead of petrol or diesel for their vehicle.

Advantages of EV charging

Whilst not all residents will have the need for EV charging facilities, they do bring a number of benefits for us all:

  • Electric Vehicles are much quieter than their fossil fuel counterparts
  • They help to reduce local air pollution
  • Provision of adequate charging facilities will allow residents to buy an electric car now and in the future
  • They help mitigate the impact of climate change by reducing CO2 emissions

Finding suitable locations

There are a number of constraints to finding suitable locations for new charging points. These include:

  • Proximity to power boxes for fast charger
  • Slow traffic roads for safety
  • Existing parking space (resident or PAYG)
  • Preference for underused parking locations (dead ends, lesser known streets)
  • Locations of compatible Lampposts
  • No existing points nearby in order to create even density of chargers

Have your say: suggested locations

Below are a number of potential new locations fulfilling the above constraints that have been developed by HyPER. Both the Council and HyPER would now like input from more residents. This is not just for EV users – we’d like to hear the views of all residents. Firstly please go to the Council’s portal and have your say. Then please let HyPER know what you think: please either email us at ev@hyper.uk or alternatively add a comment below which others will also be able to see (you will need to create an account if you haven’t already done so). Only the top-ranked charger suggestions will be submitted to the Council.

Existing EV charger
Suggested lamp post charger
Suggested bollard charger
Suggested rapid charger
Marker colour codes

Existing chargers are mainly located at the periphery of the Estate. The suggestions are mainly located centrally to provide a better spread and also to provide facilities for those visiting the Connaught Village shops.