Mud Australia: sustainable handmade porcelain and homewares

This month HyPER is putting the spotlight on Mud Australia, a small ethical business producing handmade porcelain and homewares, which opened in Connaught Village in 2015. In preparation for this month’s pop up party, HyPER Spokesman, Chris Gunness, talks to Shelley Simpson, Mud’s Founder and Creative Director.

Shelley Simpson, Mud’s Founder and Creative Director

Chris: What drew you to the Hyde Park Estate as a business? What are the special qualities and characteristics that resonate with your business?

Shelley: It’s a beautiful store and we love the location – a small village in the middle of London. It’s great to be surrounded by like-minded mixed independent retail.

Our W2 showroom and store opened in early 2015. The location is definitely destinational. Our customers are a great mix of local, international and people willing to make the trek for our unique offering. The last two years – BREXIT & Covid – have been challenging but we’re still here.

Chris: Tell us about your products, the full range of what you have on offer?

Shelley: I founded Mud Australia in 1994. We design and handmake a slowly evolving range of porcelain tableware, objects & lighting, available in 90 silhouettes and 19 colours. Mud Australia porcelain combines handmade processes, clean lines, colour palette & functionality. The end result is a product that neatly intersects a minimalist aesthetic with an artisan finish.

We recently launched the Hive vase range. This vase flaunts an organic architecture with its dome silhouette, sturdy circular base and slight off-axis opening, which creates sculptural floral arrangements with ease.

Chris: And what is your philosophy that makes your products unique?

Shelley: Handmade in our carbon neutral studio in Sydney, Australia our products combine colour, finish and design that allows customers’ endless combinations of elegant functional everyday tableware. Mud Australia porcelain is sold around the world from our own retail stores and with select partners. We are always looking to do things better – be it design, making, social or environmental. We took the commitment to become carbon neutral by end 2020. We harness green work practices to this end, including solar energy, recycled clay, and sustainable design.

Mud has implemented various community orientated programmes to encourage a happy, healthy, and progressive work environment. We understand that an enriching workplace is intrinsic to social sustainability.

Mud Australia, 11 Porchester Place, London W2 2BU.
Tel: 020 7706 4903
Instagram: @mudaustralia
Facebook: mud.australia