Have your say on crime and other issues next Monday 3rd October

Hyde Park Estate residents are cordially invited to HyPER’s next “town hall” meeting, taking place next Monday 3rd October at 7pm in St John’s Church Hall. After a series of recent crime incidents on the Estate, our local police team (including the area’s Sergeant, Martin Noon) and our local councillors have kindly agreed to thisContinue reading “Have your say on crime and other issues next Monday 3rd October”

Proposed 24/7 alcohol distribution

HyPER has submitted an objection to an application for 24/7 alcohol distribution from a Safestore storage unit below the Water Gardens. We are concerned about the potential for noise, litter and nuisance both at the location of premises and at the final destination. Whilst we are normally supportive of businesses on the Estate, we doContinue reading “Proposed 24/7 alcohol distribution”

Proposed parking changes for Norfolk Crescent could lead to more traffic

The Council is proposing to change the existing “single yellow” outside Raynham on Norfolk Crescent into a “double yellow”. This will remove the current option of parking overnight and on a Sunday on that stretch of road. The council intends to do this as a result of concerns from residents of congestion after 6.30pm andContinue reading “Proposed parking changes for Norfolk Crescent could lead to more traffic”

Central London Bus Review – extended

TfL have announced that they are extending the closing date of the consultation for proposed changes to bus routes. The consultation will now run until Sunday 7th August. The proposed changes are as a result of TfL’s proposals to the Government for how it will achieve cost-savings, required as part of the Government’s condition ofContinue reading “Central London Bus Review – extended”

Portsea Mews development update

Following a number of objections, the Church Commissioners have announced changes to the Portsea Mews proposed development. Objections largely centred on the impact of the mansard extension. Following that review, the Church Commissioners have confirmed the intention to remove the proposed mansard roof extension on the outer blocks. The removal of this additional storey willContinue reading “Portsea Mews development update”

HyPER Town Hall Meeting

HyPER invites all residents of the Hyde Park Estate to a “town hall” meeting with our newly elected Labour Councillors: Md Shamsed Chowdhury, Paul Dimoldenberg and Judith Southern. It’s very early days, with the new Westminster Council administration still taking shape, but HyPER and our new Hyde Park Estate Ward Councillors want to hear aboutContinue reading “HyPER Town Hall Meeting”

Update from Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

Recognised as a key local organisation, HyPER attended the recent Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens stakeholder meeting, chaired by the CEO of the Royal Parks (Andrew Scattergood), with updates from the 2 parks managers Jason Taylor and Andy Williams as well as the Parks police. We raised a number of questions and suggestions that hadContinue reading “Update from Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens”