Horseplay on Hyde Park Estate

Hyde Park Estate had some highly unusual quadruped visitors yesterday in the form of two American Miniature therapy horses, Digby and Mr P, who came with their handlers, Katy Smith and Vicky Bentley Johnson. They were celebrity guests at an event in Bathurst Mews where they met Effie (pictured) who was shy with the horses at first, but who grew in confidence to the point where she was gleefully leading them up and down the mews.

Effie and her Mum, Helly

“It was our first visit to London since the pandemic”, said Katy, “and we’re thrilled to be getting back up and running.”

Katy founded KL Pony Therapy ten years ago, working mainly in care homes with dementia cases. It’s based in Northalerton, North Yorkshire, but thanks to appearances on national television, KL Pony Therapy works all over the country and with people of all ages.

“Our charity was forced to close temporarily because of Covid, and it’s fantastic to be getting back into the communities and helping people who’ve struggled so much because of the pandemic,” said Katy.

Hyde Park Estate resident and HyPER spokesperson, Chris Gunness, who hosted the Bathurst Mews event said, “we wanted something that adults and kids would enjoy, but somehow a clown or a magician didn’t really fit the bill. But these horses touched everyone’s hearts and totally made our event. I hope others planning post-lockdown events in London or elsewhere will contact Katy and her team.

Making the magic happen with pony therapy (klponytherapy.co.uk)