Have your say on the proposed Connaught Village Green

Artist’s impression of the proposed new public space

Update 19th March 2023
We’re grateful for the many responses we’ve had from HyPER members regarding this scheme. Whilst we encourage you to respond to the Council’s consultation in the first instance, we’d also like to hear what you think. Here are a selection of comments we’ve received:

“1. It is vital that traffic flow through the estate is reduced significantly in the near future
2. The only reliable method of achieving this involves fairly comprehensive entry/exit restrictions; these are inconvenient for a number of residents near these restrictions
3. Alternatively, we can tentatively adopt one or two traffic limitations as per this proposal. Although traffic is not a limited sum game, this will likely increase traffic elsewhere in the estate. However, it will enable residents to experience some of the benefits of reduced traffic. This in turn may help us towards plans for achieving 1. above.
4. Perfect is the enemy of good. It is not acceptable to say no forever to any measure aimed to restrict traffic.
5. I support the proposal.”

“€œI am delighted with the plans!”

“€œThe scheme looks great; I do hope it goes some way to reduce the traffic flow through the area, but I’m a bit sceptical. I find the junction with Hyde Park Street and Connaught Street particularly bad (as an occasional driver myself) due to cars being parked on both sides; similarly with Porchester Place/Kendal Street/Connaught Street junctions. I can’t really think how the total traffic could be significantly reduced as the area is an established “rat-run”. I wouldn’t particularly support the introduction of traffic calming as at least the flow is rapid through the area, whereas if it were slowed down we could end up with stationary jams at certain times of the day.”

“One way in Kendal Street will only force yet more traffic onto Connaught Street, already a hazardous rat run.”

“I hope the tree planting is imaginative (the street magnolias around Hyde Park Place are a delight when in bloom) and that any beds are planted with a selection of plants that are interesting, unusual, and reflect the diverse origins of our community but also include seasonal spring and autumn flowering bulbs. Some modernist sculpture would be a great addition.”

“€œI am mindful of the importance of the public realm in terms of individual and collective well-being. However, a fairly large part of me feels that … the monies could be better spent elsewhere: more local police recruitment? More cash flow for social care in Westminster, and so forth. Thus, I am very divided … not least because traffic hurtles by, emitting too many noxious substances for comfort.”

“€œI think Connaught Green is a great step in the right direction. The changes will cause short term, “adjustments” in traffic flow/volume, but as balances it should result in calmer and hopefully lesser traffic for the entire Village. It also helps local business to flourish as well as improve the quality of space for everyone. I just hope we do not get too many myopic views trying to keep the status quo… which we all know is sub par.”

“€œKendal Street should not be one-way. This will increase traffic on Connaught Street”

“These proposals would seem to be wholly positive and would help to increase the village feel in the area.”

“€œThis is disastrous for the residents of Connaught Square and the north end of Connaught Street. Already plagued by a massive increase in rat-run traffic on Connaught Street and especially the north end of Connaught Square in recent years, this will now increase dramatically with the proposed implementation. It is also dangerous – we have had a deadly car crash on the north end of Connaught Square in the last 2 years, a series of additional serious car accidents, a motorcyclist almost dying – the danger will now significantly increase. If we are going to move to Kendal Street becoming one way then it has to be associated with the north end of Connaught Square and Connaught Street also becoming one way.”

“I am very supportive of the Connaught Green project, it is well overdue and will benefit everyone. The traffic will have to adjust if the calming measures are effective and end up with less volume going through the entire village incl Connaught Square. This is beneficial for the square as it itself already has the benefit of the one-way street.”

“€œThis is great, thanks. Looks like a good proposal to me.”

“€œI don’€™t think this proposal is good for residents of Connaught Square. Traffic that would have forked left by the Duke of Kendal will now continue on to either turn left at Porchester Place, or go all the way to Edgware Road. Both those areas are already overcrowded, so this just seems to make things worse.”

This tweet adds some detailed thoughts on the proposals


Westminster Council, in conjunction with the Church Commissioners, has released plans for a new “Connaught Village Green” in the heart of Connaught Village.

A new public space is proposed to be created outside Hogg’s chemist, using what is currently the small car parking area. Also proposed are improvements to the surrounding public realm, including wider pavements outside Abasto and a raised table in the road for the whole area. The existing zebra crossing would remain, but its central island removed.

The existing cycleway from Titchborne Row would be retained and improved, and there would also be additional greening measures and a new drinking fountain.

As part of the proposals, Kendal Street would be made westbound only, from its junction at Porchester Place to its junction with Connaught Street. This new one-way system would be to remove the risk of left turning vehicles from Connaught Street driving onto the new public realm, and also to widen the pavement and provide shorter distances for pedestrians crossing the road.

The proposals are open for consultation until Sunday 2nd April. An online survey is available on the council’s website.

There is also a drop-in session on Friday 24 March from 10am to 3pm at 12 Connaught Street.

Full details of the proposals are contained at https://www.westminster.gov.uk/connaught-consultation, including a Frequently Asked Question section and detailed diagram.

What do you think?

At HyPER we would be interested to know what you think about these proposals. Are you delighted with what is being proposed? Do you think they could be much stronger with a much greater reduction in traffic? Or do you think that the proposed one-way street will adversely affect traffic elsewhere and that the road layout should broadly remain as it is? As well as responding to the council, we would be interested to hear from you.

Proposed new cycle crossing from Titchborne Row