Proposed Praed Street Footway Widening

The pavement widening would replace the illegal taxi rank outside the Hilton

Update 10th March: HyPER has responded to this consultation as follows:

HyPER (Hyde Park Estate Residents) supports the proposed scheme to widen the pavement on Praed Street. Whilst we would have liked the scheme to be more ambitious, such as including segregated cycle paths, more street greening overall and raised table crossings, we do nonetheless welcome the implementation of this particular scheme and feel that it will greatly improve the pedestrian experience. We welcome the new trees that are proposed. We would like to know what enforcement has been considered, to stop the existing taxi behaviour continuing to take place in the new carriageway.

Westminster Council is proposing to widen the footway on Praed Street outside the Hilton Hotel. This will reduce the carriageway to one lane and is anticipated to prevent the illegal waiting of taxis that currently takes place outside the station.

This proposals include the following improvements:

  • Widened footway on Praed Street outside Hilton Hotel to provide additional space for pedestrians
  • Introduction of mandatory cycle lane on north side of Praed street from its junction with Spring Street to the junction with London Street
  • 16 new cycle stands and 4 new trees
  • Resurfacing of the carriageway along northern section of Praed Street from its junction with Spring Street up to its junction with London Street

It is anticipated that construction of a proposed scheme could be undertaken in summer 2023. The City Council is inviting comments on the proposals by 10th March 2023. Any comments relating to the proposals should be emailed to praedstreet@fmconway.co.uk.