HyPER at the top table

As the May local elections loom, HyPER’s engagement with all influential stakeholders in our community is intensifying.

In the spirit of true impartiality and objectivity – not wishing to alienate any of our members or indeed-non members – we have extended social invitations to representatives of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democratic Parties in recent weeks.

The Greens and others are on our list!

“It’s important that HyPER sits at the top table”, said HyPER Chairman, Andy Beverley, “and that means extending the welcoming hand of hospitality to all the movers and shakers in our neighbourhood. But we do so in a strictly non-political sense. HyPER will nurture congenial relations with whoever is in power and indeed in opposition, so that we can advocate for all our members, as a progressive and diverse group.”

Labour candidate for Westminster Council’s Hyde Park Ward, Md Shamshed Chowdhury, and Liberal Democratic candidate for the parliamentary constituency of the Cities of London, Edward Lucas, joined Andy Beverley and HyPER Spokesman, Chris Gunness, for dinner at the Army and Navy Club.

The event was a glittering gourmet banquet to celebrate fifty years since the founding of Bangladesh.

Award-winning Chef, Director of UK Curry Connect, Shah F. Athar, was head chef, leading a team who will soon be competing in the 2022 Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg. In the 2018 World Cup, Shah and his chefs won seven medals including gold.

At the Army and Navy, they served the finest cuisine Bangladesh has to offer, in a gala evening that included Bangladeshi music and a “filmic happening”, telling the story of how a group of Bengali chefs transformed the UK’s culinary identity.

The evening ended with a palate-boggling tasting of five world teas from the London Tea Exchange, including Golden Bengal, reputedly the most expensive tea in the world.

Earlier, HyPER hosted it’s March Popup Party at London Chocolate in Connaught Village, and was delighted to welcome Conservative candidate for Westminster Council, Zaheed Nizar.

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