Conversion of parking to EV charging bays

Westminster Council is proposing to convert a number of residents’ parking bays on the Hyde Park Estate into electric vehicle residential charging bays. This will mean that the bays can only be used by electric vehicles, and only whilst charging: a vehicle must be plugged into the recharging point while occupying an electric vehicle residents’ parking place. The maximum stay period would be 12 hours with no return on the same day.

The changes are proposed Westminster-wide, with the affected bays on the Hyde Park Estate being as follows:

  • Albion Street (outside 42/43)
  • Burwood Place (outside the Water Gardens)
  • Cambridge Square (outside 18/19)
  • Clarendon Place (outside 12 and outside Chester House)
  • Stanhope Terrace (outside 9/10 and outside 12/13)
  • Sussex Place (adjacent 163 Sussex Gardens)

Westminster Council state:

The number of electric vehicles used in the UK continues to increase year on year. Therefore, the number of charging points will need to increase to keep up with this demand, especially as many private properties do not have the facilities to charge an electric vehicle off-street. Westminster residents expect that the infrastructure will be in place so that they are able to drive and recharge around the City, and as such the City Council is committed to achieve this by increasing the number of on-street charging points each year.

Any comments on the proposed changes can be made by emailing tmo.westminster@wsp.com quoting reference 7653/ZC/F by 23rd March 2022. The Traffic Management Order is available at this link.

HyPER intends to support these proposed changes inline with our vision of a greener Hyde Park Estate, and we intend to ask for more. What do you think? Let us know.

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