HyPER wins prestigious environmental honour

An example Breathe London node, which HyPER has won for installation in the Hyde Park Estate

We are pleased to announce that HyPER has been chosen by the Environmental Research Group at Imperial College London to trial an air pollution monitor as part of a community programme to improve local air quality. The award is part of the Breathe London Community Programme, a three year research scheme in which local groups with a proven track record in community engagement are given the right to host an air monitor worth £2,500.

It’s a great honour and a tribute to HyPER’s work in and for our community that we have been selected by such a prestigious research group to be part of this important trial,” said Andy Beverley, HyPER Chairman. “We have championed green initiatives at the local level to improve air quality and environmental health on the Hyde Park Estate. On behalf of our members, we will continue to engage stakeholders to move forward with a progressive green agenda.

HyPER has won the right to place an air pollution sensor in a location of its choice and Beverley indicated that there would be “consultation with the groups’ members about installing it in a position on the Hyde Park Estate with a high volume of pedestrian footfall.”

The censor will allow real time monitoring of air quality on rat runs and will provide a scientific basis for future decisions about schemes to control traffic on the Hyde Park Estate.

There has been a highly emotional and divisive debate locally about measures to reduce rat running and noise pollution, while improving road safety,” said Beverley. “This new research tool will sharpen that debate moving forward.

If you would like to be involved in the project to install and run the Breathe London node on the Hyde Park Estate, please get in touch or email info@hyper.uk.

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