New Hyde Park Estate cycleway proposals

Westminster Council has released new plans for a cycleway to go through the Hyde Park Estate. This cycleway, previously called Quietway 7, was first consulted on in 2016, and was further consulted on in 2021. The scheme was then put on hold pending the outcome of any traffic alterations on the Estate. It has now been resurrected as Cycleway 43.

Whilst the plans are primarily based around cycling, there are also a number of improvements for pedestrians, especially around the north end of Connaught Square where the roads are wide and vehicles frequently overtake in a dangerous manner.

The route of the proposed cycleway

The proposals, at least within the Hyde Park Estate, are broadly similar to the previous proposals. That is, with the exception of a new plan to completely close Stanhope Place to motor traffic.

Closure of Stanhope Place

The proposal to close Stanhope Place to motor traffic is to try and reduce the amount of traffic on the cycleway as it travels south through Connaught Square.

In order to undertake any closure of Stanhope Place, some of the parking at the bottom end of the road would need to be removed to allow vehicles to turnaround. By doing this, there would be so little parking remaining that the council is instead proposing to make the entire bottom end of Stanhope Place traffic free.

Parking changes

As outlined above, in order to accommodate the closure of Stanhope Place, car parking needs to be removed from the south end of the road. Additional parking would be created in other nearby areas. In particular, new bays would be created: outside 29 Connaught Square; on Seymour Street outside of the Victory Services Club; and Porchester Place.

Proposed changes to the north end of Connaught Square

Kendal Street

Kendal Street would see some minor changes, including a raised table at its junction with Porchester Place, and some painted mandatory cycle lanes.

A raised table is proposed for the junction of Kendal Street and Porchester Place

George Street

Outside of the Hyde Park Estate, on George Street, it is proposed to created “stepped” cycle tracks. These would be similar to those on Gower Street in Camden as shown in the image below.

Stepped tracks are proposed for George Street, similar to these on Gower Street

More information

A webpage is available containing full details of the proposals.

A drop-in session is being held in the Victory Services Club on 23rd May 2023, 3pm – 7:30pm. There is also an online drop-in and Q&A on 30th May 12-1pm. Email cycleway43@wsp.com for the login details.

Have Your Say

What do you think of the proposals? Read the full details and let the Council know by visiting the proposal’s webpage.

HyPER would also be interested to know what you think. Email us using info@hyper.uk.

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