Paddington Area cycling consultation

Consultation is now open regarding a number of cycle infrastructure schemes in the Hyde Park Estate and Paddington area. These are all schemes that are already in existence, but that were introduced as temporary measures during Covid. This consultation is about making them permanent, including some adjustments to do so.

Stanhope Terrace and Sussex Place

These existing lane would be narrowed and parking restrictions altered

The proposals for these streets are to make permanent the existing painted cycle lanes on the east side of Sussex Place and the south side of Stanhope Terrace. Minor alterations would be made, including extending the parking restrictions up to the roundabout on Sussex Place, and some cycle lane narrowing and adjustments to parking restrictions on Stanhope Terrace.

Brook Street

The left turn would be banned and “wands” installed to prevent conflict

The greatest alterations to the existing temporary scheme are proposed for Brook Street. These involve better demarcation of the existing cycle lane (using “wands”), to reduce conflicts between cyclists and traffic exiting into Bayswater Road and Hyde Park. In addition, to prevent cyclists being “left-hooked”, it is proposed to ban the left turn into Bayswater Road that can currently be made when exiting Brook Street. When Victoria Gate (into the park) is closed, the “ahead only” restriction would be removed, allowing vehicles to exit either left or right into Bayswater Road at these times.

Update 7th July: the “ahead-only” restriction has now been removed from the proposals, due to the impact it may have had on residents of Hyde Park Gardens (west).

London Street and Spring Street

A car door buffer zone will be added to the existing lane

The existing painted cycle lanes on these streets would be retained. The only difference is that the lanes would be widened to include a “buffer zone” to help prevent cyclists being hit by car doors being opened from parked cars, and the use of a green surface dressing to reinforce the presence of the cycle lane.

Have your say

Have your say on the proposed schemes by visiting the council’s website (which also contains full details of the proposals). The deadline for responding is Sunday 16th July. HyPER would also be interested to know what you think, email us using info@hyper.uk.