The Waste Action Squad Gets HyPER

A blustery morning on the Hyde Park Estate did not prevent HyPER Chairman and Spokesman, Andy Beverley and Chris Gunness turning out to meet and greet the Council’s Waste Action Squad (WAS) at the famous fly-tipping hot spot where Bathurst and Westbourne Streets meet. The “WAS” set up stall at various locations across the estate during October to inform and educate residents about their work on dealing with rubbish and waste management, and what residents can do to support it.

Our three ward Councillors were at the stall, as were members of the “Squad” who are working with such commitment to keep our streets clean. Andy and Chris thanked the “Squaddies” for their efforts and discussed further measures such as enforcing fixed penalties notices, FPNs. An FPN has just been served on a resident in Westbourne Street for fly tipping and HyPER pressed the case for more FPNs as appropriate.

We also discussed the possibility of holding responsible the leaseholders who make money out of short term lets, rather than trying to fine their tenants, many of whom are in London for trips from abroad, and whom it is impossible to fine.

If you have any ideas on waste management, or views about any other issues around the estate, HyPER wants to hear from you. You can contact us via the website where you can also join up free to receive our regular updates.