Next pop up party – Mud Australia

We are delighted to invite all HyPER members to our next Pop-Up party, which Mud Australia have kindly offered to host. Have you ever walked past their shop window and marvelled at the incredible ceramics inside? Well now’s your chance to find out more. Come to our party at 5pm on Saturday 6th November, atContinue reading “Next pop up party – Mud Australia”

Next pop up party – Buchanans Cheesemongers

You, your family and friends are warmly invited to the first in a series of HyPER “Pop Up Parties” on Saturday 2nd October, at 11:30 a.m. at Buchanans Cheesemonger, 5A Porchester Place, London, W2 2BS. We are deeply grateful to Lucy and Rhuaridh for hosting the event at which they and their wonderful staff willContinue reading “Next pop up party – Buchanans Cheesemongers”

Halima Nałęcz – Kaleidoscope: A Celebration of Colour

A temporary art gallery opens this week in celebration of a prominent local artist. Halima Nalęcz arrived in England in 1947 and became a prominent part of the London art scene of the 1960s and worked for more than 40 years as a promoter of new and emerging artists. During this time, she helped to jump-start many high-profile careers and became an accomplished artist herself. The exhibition, “Kaleidoscope: A Celebration of Colour”, is a modern-day recreation of the Drian gallery and opens this Thursday 9th September at 14 Porchester Place.

Horseplay on Hyde Park Estate

Hyde Park Estate had some highly unusual quadruped visitors yesterday in the form of two American Miniature therapy horses, Digby and Mr P, who came with their handlers, Katy Smith and Vicky Bentley Johnson. They were celebrity guests at an event in Bathurst Mews where they met Effie (pictured) who was shy with the horsesContinue reading “Horseplay on Hyde Park Estate”

20mph speed limit consultation

Transport for London has published a consultation for changing the speed limit to 20mph on roads that they control in the local area. These include Park Lane, Marylebone Road, Grosvenor Place and parts of Edgware Road amongst others. This would bring these roads into line with all other roads within Westminster, which already have aContinue reading “20mph speed limit consultation”