Nickie Aiken MP visits HyPER

Discussions with Nickie included the closure of Le Pain and wider Connaught Village retail

We were very grateful last week to our local MP Nickie Aiken for visiting HyPER. We showed Nickie around the Hyde Park Estate and discussed a number of local issues.

We walked the width of the Estate during the visit, starting at Sussex Place. Here we informed Nickie about HyPER’s recent success in gaining a grant for the installation of a parklet. The discussion at this location naturally turned to traffic. Local parent Esme Daley explained the road dangers of walking her children to school. We said that despite warm words from our new Labour councillors about dealing with the problem, we are yet to see any action.

Starting at Sussex Place, the discussion quickly turned to traffic problems

Arriving in Connaught Village, we discussed residents’ disappointment at the closure of Le Pain, and the more general issue of creating a better shopping environment in the area. We talked about the proposed Connaught Village Green project and how this will help, and noted that whilst it is welcome, it is not as ambitious as some residents hoped for. We also mentioned HyPER’s work with Breathe London and the forthcoming installation of our air pollution monitor in this location.

Finally we visited the currently-decrepit Portsea Mews, and talked about the long-awaited redevelopment of this area. We explained the delay of the project as a result of political reasons, but that all are now looking forward to the project moving forwards. We also covered a number of other general topics that we know are important to members — do keep us informed of your opinions and ideas.

We thank Nickie for reaching out to us and for taking the time to visit us and listen to our concerns.